Casa d’Aristi – 100% Natural Spirits from the Yucatan Peninsula

Casa d’Aristi – 100% Natural Spirits from the Yucatan Peninsula

Guarding the Natural Wealth of the Maya – 100% Natural!

Casa D’Aristi produces authentic, exotic and natural rum-based liqueurs at its home in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The company was founded in 1935 by the Aristi family, with generations of dedicated family members and loyal employees devoting their lives to creating artisan spirits that uphold the traditions of the Mayan people.


Nectar of the Xtabentún Flower

XTA [ISH-ta] is the 21st century expression of a traditional Mayan drink made from the nectar of the Xtabentún [ISH-ta-BEN-toon] flower that is native only to Yucatan. Casa D’Aristi creates the exclusive honey by maintaining hives of stingless bees, a key tradition of the Mayan people in the Yucatan.
XTA availability is limited by the small amount of Mayan honey created each year. After careful fermentation of the honey along with the finest anisette from Mexico, the ingredients are macerated in superior, Mexican rum that serves to intensify the naturally rich flavors. The high quality ingredients and the meticulous care in production culminate in an exotic spirit like no other, and a true rarity in the marketplace. XTA exemplifies all of the mysticism and imagery that the legendary history of the Yucatan has to offer.
Perfect on its own, with ice or to enhance your favorite cocktail recipes. 35% alc/vol
Tasting NotesNose: Leads with rich anise, followed by traces of honey, dark chocolate cake and orange marmalade. Palate: Texture of light syrup. Flavor opens rich in fresh anise with overtones of minty freshness. A wave of honey and juicy orange ensues, with underlying anise continuing throughout. Finish: Lingering dryness of anise balanced by honey creaminess.

Los Angeles Int’l Spirits Competition 2015
 Best in Class –Spirits of Mexico 2014 
Recommended –Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015

Mayan Margarita
1 oz XTA Liqueur
1½ oz Premium Tequila
1 oz fresh lime juice
¾ oz simple syrup
Shake well with ice and strain into chilled, salt-rimmed glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

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Xtabentun is a honey liqueur similar to XTA, but contains more honey and has a slightly lower alcohol content. This Yucatan classic has a long and legendary history and is a favorite throughout Mexico. 30% alc/vol

“Xtabentún has concentrated anisette from beginning to end; finishes with a thick, rich honey. Chocolaty and warm, with a minty middle.” –Santé Magazine

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Huana Liqueur

Yucatan Innovation

Huana is created from careful fermentation of Guanabana fruit, also known as Soursop, which is pollinated by the stingless bees of the Maya. The fruit has a flavor reminiscent of strawberry and pineapple with a tart citrus taste offset by creamy coconut notes. This unique selection celebrates the new era of Casa D’Aristi specialty Yucatan liqueurs. 30% alc/vol
Tasting NotesNose: Ripe notes of tropical fruit, oranges grapefruit and apples. Palate: Texture of light syrup. Opulent fruit flavor showing citrus, crisp apples and tropical fruit, enhanced by hints of dark chocolate and honey. Finish: Lingering fruit and light sweetness.

Los Angeles Int’l Spirits Competition 2015
 GOLD MEDAL –Spirits of Mexico 2014 
Recommended –Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015

Huana Radler
1 oz Huana Liqueur
Add some mint
½ oz lime juice
Pour into tall glass with ice and top off with Pacifico beer.

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100% Natural Mayan Coconut

Kalani is made using fresh coconut milk that is fermented and then macerated in Mexican pure sugar cane rum, bringing together two favorite Yucatan flavors and providing this 100% natural liqueur a subtle flavor and tropical flair.
The Yellow Dwarf Coconuts are harvested at a traditional 19th century colonial plantation in the Yucatan. The shredded coconut is wrapped and pressed for milk, which is sent to Casa D’Aristi exclusively for small batches of Kalani.
A delicious and exotic coconut delight; a lovely aperitif, perfect in a piña colada and a great addition to cocktail recipes. 30% alc/vol
Tasting NotesNose: Rich in coconut, with dark chocolate, crème caramel and fresh citrus. Palate: Indulgent syrupy texture. Rounded coconut notes with dark chocolate and crème caramel, followed by hints of lemon and lime, a balance of sweet and tart. Finish: Rich and dry, with coconut and caramel accented by lemon freshness, then returning to coconut.

2015SPIRITS_GoldMedal LA GOLD MEDAL 92 pts 
Los Angeles Int’l Spirits Competition 2015

 GOLD MEDAL –Spirits of Mexico 2014 

1¼ part Kalani Coconut Liqueur
1 part Vodka
Shake with cracked ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

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Casa D’Aristi Winners, 2014 Spirits of Mexico

HPS Epicurean showcases Casa D’Aristi Mayan Spirits and Marca Negra Mezcal at the Spirits of Mexico festival in SanDiego.

BEST in Class – XTA
GOLD – Kalani
GOLD – Huana

SOM Awards 2014

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